A national influencer

We campaign nationally in the best interests of our customers.

From influencing national policy relating to energy efficiency and raising the profile of shared ownership as a mainstream housing tenure, to improving policy and practice around welfare and child poverty through our Happy, Healthy Starts campaign. We work closely with Government and stakeholders to improve the lives of our customers and communities.

Happy, Healthy Starts

In 2018 we launched our Happy, Healthy Starts campaign in conjunction with Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) to identify practical ways for landlords to help tackle poverty for young people.

We provide homes to over 16,000 people under the age of 16, of which an estimated 4,000 are growing up in a low income household.

Through working with children and parents living in our homes, we identified a number of simple practical changes housing providers can make to improve the lives of young people. We also worked with government to advise them on improvements that they could make to the administration of Universal Credit and reduce hardship for many, thousands of families.

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Warm Homes, Better Lives

In 2016, we launched our ‘Warm Homes, Better Lives’ report in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) to outline key recommendations for government in tackling fuel poverty and energy efficiency of the country’s housing stock.

Across England, there are 2.3million households living in fuel poverty, 10.4% of all households. 

At its core, fuel poverty is a cost of living issue, with many families having to choose between heating their home and feeding their family.

The report sets out how government, together with housing, health and third sector partners, can take a comprehensive approach to tackling fuel poverty and ensure that all homes reach Energy Band C by 2030.

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Shared Ownership

In 2015 Orbit and the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) published a report which set out the potential to expand shared ownership to become a fourth mainstream tenure, alongside home ownership and social and private renting.

The first of two reports, this explores the key issues that government, housing providers, lenders and regulators will need to address to increase shared ownership from its current 15,000 homes per year to at least 30,000 within the next Parliament – around 13% of the 240,000 new homes England needs each year.

Shared Ownership 2.0

Following a two-year campaign, the take-up of shared ownership as a tenure has increased dramatically and has been supported by a government commitment to invest £4.1 billion into delivering 135,000 shared ownership homes by 2021.

Shared Ownership 2.1 - taking stock